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Trusted Service

Join 1000+ happy Kenyan customers already using BOX

Personalized Shopping Address

Get your own address in the US & Europe and shop directly the products and goods from the US & Europe that you need or would like to have, and get them FAST with BOX.

Enjoy Convenience

Shop in a number of US and European stores, catalogs and websites from the comfort of your home or office.

Enjoy Great Savings

You don’t need to travel or order through your friends anymore. Enjoy the big sales in the US & Europe ship affordably to Kenya.

Stay Ahead

Get the latest and newest before they arrive in Kenya. (If they ever arrive…). We understand the desire for you to be ahead of everyone and that's why we want to keep it that way.

Enjoy Hassle Free Shipping

BOX ships your orders to your home or office, no worries about papers, customs, etc. All our rates are inclusive of customs and applicable taxes. No surprise charges!

100% Guaranteed Delivery

BOX provides 100% of guarantee in the amount of your product in all shipments.

Enjoy Free Shipping within US and UK

Many sellers offer free shipping within the US and UK. Save money by searching for the option for FREE shipment to your BOX addresses in the US & Europe.

Earn with Us

Recommend us to your family and friends and get $10 dollars discount in freight for every new registration!

Easy Tracking & Customer Support

You will always have information on the status of your order at any time. You can contact us by chat, email and local telephone calls.

We Shop For You

BOX Shops for You: Our exclusive Intelligent system of concierge service. You are in total control and have information on the status of your order at any time.
1. You select the store and the product, fill in the form and we Shop for You.
2. We place the order in the US or Europe and we pay for you. The quotation we provide includes all expenses, no surprises, and once approved you pay for nothing else. This includes local freight, customs, insurance and international shipment all the way to your door.
3. You can buy in different stores in the US & Europe with a SINGLE order. We consolidate your packages in US or UK to save in the international shipment.